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Kaleo Sansaa

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Dancehall | Hip Hop


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Ever since I remember – music is my favourite occupation! Regardless if I’m listening to it or creating music myself it simply fills the biggest part of my life.
So, if someone asks me how or when I started seeing music as my occupation I’ll always find it hard to give a satisfying answer.
But let me at least try…
I was always into Caribbean music due to early influences of my mother and the surrounding of my upbringing.
When I was around seven years old I first got in contact with musical education. My mum gave me the fortunate opportunity to take piano lessons for six years. After quitting piano I started to play the guitar and the drums in a two man combo with a friend. We created our own metal songs but quit after a short period of time.
I’ve also always been into writing lyrics and poems and as soon as my family recognized my talent I started to believe in myself. Until today I never stopped doing that.
In 2010 I joined the Soundsystem Culture and became a MC. Alongside Selecta Tek-A-Dee, selecta and graphic designer Ikone aka Dude and producer RUZ we founded the crew Brostreet Collective. We focussed on the music genres Reggae, Dancehall, Jungle & Hip-Hop and played gigs in many clubs all around OWL. Brostreet Collective was my opportunity to perform my own lyrics in front of people and gain experience as an artist.
I simultaneously started playing keys in a band called Dalaih Jammin with a couple of friends from Herford.We played our self-composed Reggae & Dancehall songs in several festivals in western Germany.
I was also voicing tunes with RUZ and singing lyrics alongside the Bigga Bashment Crew from Bielefeld.
We never released one of our songs. It didn’t feel ready… This changed when I moved to Cologne in 2015.
In this new but still familiar promising surrounding I’m looking forward to present my art to a bigger audience.
I’m ready to record and release my records via Loyal Records and can’t wait to perform a special selection of my countless repertoire of songs, tracks and tunes.

So Stay Tuned! And Ease Out!

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