Kaleo Sansaa

Album release on Loyal Records


Album release on Loyal Records

Luke Nuk'em

Reggae - Dancehall

Luke Nuk'em

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My musical journey started when I was around 9 Years old. First I started to play „Darabuka“ before I switched to drumset.

When I was13 years old I teamed up with a rockband called „Third Pea!“ We immediately caught the eye and attention of people and became local heros This is how I made my first stage experiences.

At 15 I started to listen to Reggae and Dancehall music. I got addicted after visiting the Reggaejam Festival and started digging deeper into the roots and culture of the music genre! Two Years later I founded the „Bananjah Sound“ with a friend. We bought turntables and „7 inch Records“ and trained our mixing skillz.

I started to write my own lyrics due to the ancoragement of my friends. My main influences were Soundquake, Heartical, Jonspecta and Wild Lion Sound!
At the age of 18 I joined the „G*Hör-Gang“. We played more than 300 concerts all over Germany and toured in Poland.
Currently I am part of Wild Lion Sound and kicking off my solo career. I am releasing on Loyal Records and the Vibe Factory.

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